An American in Gosport

Mum needed to go food shopping today, so a trip to Gosport was on the cards. That meant I was able to get to the Cockle Ponds where Waldo has taken up residence for his 13th (or so) year.

I am of course talking about the ring-billed gull that seems to spend every winter in the same park in Gosport. I wonder why? Maybe it’s the appeal of being fed by visitors, or the change of scene.



I stayed watching for a while. Waldo was mostly laid back, not doing much like the other gulls until food arrived and then once peaceful scene would become a squabble. “That’s my bread!”, “No, mine!”

Food time!

Food time!

Not wanting to be left out, the mute swans were desperate for some attention too…

2 thoughts on “An American in Gosport

  1. You so need to work out how to get the grid on your camera so that you can level up the horizon! I do too but my excuse is that I don’t take so many photos with such an obvious natural horizontal in them.


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