More local twitching…

Mothers’ Day is fast approaching though you don’t need a single day to remember what your mother (and father, of course!) does for you. I may not always show it, but I’m very grateful to my parents for supporting me over the years, both for academic reasons and my hobbies.

Yesterday was just another one of those days. I looked on the internet at the start of a break between lectures yesterday and saw on twitter that a surf scoter had been found off Stokes Bay, Gosport. I have no idea exactly how rare surf scoters are, but I do know they rarely turn up on the South Coast, especially the Solent. I was very tempted to go, but couldn’t justify missing lectures or seminars for a bird so waited, hoping it would stay.

Thankfully, the bird stayed and mum kindly agreed to pick me up at the train station and drive to Gosport. Luckily for her (being a non birder) the car park had a café and the bird as easy to pick out especially with the help of other birders. As well as the surf scoter, there were 2 common scoter which was a nice comparison.

Stokes Bay

Stokes Bay

Surf Scoter, 25th February 2015.

Surf Scoter, 25th February 2015.

Another good day in the Solent!

Back to work today.

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