Nature Blogs

There are so many other great blogs out there so I thought I’d create a page listing the ones I’ve come across. Hope you find this useful – I was inspired to do this by Beth Aucott, who set up a similar page for AFON bloggers.

Birders & naturalists

Abbie Barnes

Alex Berrymen

Arnie Monteith

August Thomasson

Bart Ives

Ben Long

Ben Moyes

Beth Aucott

Biking Birder

Bill Dykes

Charlotte Wasylik

Chris Calow

Chris Foster

Conor John

Craig Reed

Dan Rouse

David Campbell

David Hunter

Ed Marshall

Ellis Lloyd

Ellis Lucas

Ephraim Perfect

Evan Landy

Evie Miller 

Finley Wilde

Georgia Locock

Gideon Knight

Guillermo García-Saúco

Harry Martin

Harry Murphy

Harley Wilde

Ian Bennell

Irene  Barnosell

Jack Perks

Jacques Turner-moss

James Common

James Cutting

James Fisher

Jason Ward

Jessen Shah

Jess Stokes

Josh Burch

Josie Hewitt

Julian Teh

Katie Horrocks

Keith Kerr

Laura Nouri

Laura Richardson

Liam Curson

Liam Fitness

Logan Johnson

Luke Workman

Matthew Lissimore

Matt Phelps

Max Hellicar

Megan Shersby

Megan Lowe

Mya-Rose Craig

Oscar Dewhurst

Olly Frampton

Neil Randon

Patrick Barker 

Peter Cooper

Peter Hogan

Rachael Ann French

Rachael Barber

Robin Hoskyns

Rob Skinner


Ryan Clark

Sam Hempenstall

Sam Miller

Samuel Lopez

Sean Foote

Simon Colenutt

Simon Phelps

Simon Tonkin

Sorral Lyall

Stephen Le Quesne

Susan Jones

Thea Powell

Tiffany Imogen Francis

Tim White

Trevor  Codlin


Zsombor Károlyi

Local NGOs & Nature reserves

Solent Reserves

Blashford Lakes

RSPB in Langstone Harbour

Further afield


Portland Bird Observatory

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Dawlish Warren

Farne Isles

Next Generation Birders

A Focus On Nature

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